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All in one: CRM, Back-Office, trading room in one package

Our data-driven CRM solution delivers straight out-of-the-box integration with modules needed for running your business. It seamlessly integrates with the MetaTrader platform and scales easily to grow as your business grows. Our CRM is incorporated with more than 250 payment providers, compliance services, telecom solutions as well as education and signals providers makes it customizable to your exact requirements.

It is an ideal solution for brokers and it is also flexible enough to support most industries including banking and gaming.

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Trading room

In trading room your clients can open accounts, deposit and withdraw their funds, go through KYC procedure and download all marketing materials which you provide to them

CRM and Back-office

In CRM and back-office your sales and management members can control all information about leads and clients, approve KYC documents and check financial statistics. Inside of CRM is possibility to create roles for different departments and employees

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