New opportunities to make profit in the Forex market,
one of the most profitable global markets


Professional Managers
No professional education required
You pay a commission
only for results
Available. Minimum deposit is USD 100/EUR 100
Highly profitable

Unlimited number of investors
Transparent service
You can increase capital anytime
Unlimited profit
Fully automatic


Using an investor account, investors have the opportunity to make a profit without trading on their own, and managers can generate more revenue for the management of investment funds.

Investor picks up a strategy, subscribes to it and makes profit
Manager continues to trade on the account, using his own funds and investors’ funds. The more successful the manager’s activities are, the higher his account is rated.

Example of profit calculation

PAMM Service description

Not every trader has the opportunity to effectively trade assets. And even if a trader has a great desire and funds, the lack of experience in most cases does not allow him to make a profit. A convenient solution to this problem is to open a Forex PAMM account. It can be useful for both beginners and experienced traders.

Advantages for Beginners

  • not much time required
  • no experience or specialized education required
  • reliable work system
  • low entry threshold
  • transparency of transactions
  • professional, experienced managers

Opening a PAMM account on the exchange, you begin to receive a passive, but high income without unnecessary risk and with minimal starting investments.

How a Forex PAMM Account Works

Abbreviation PAMM stands for Percent Allocation Management Module. In fact, this is a form of exchange trust management, but with important differences from the “classical” work system.

A broker opening an exchange account on Forex to a private person provides information on the activities of professional managers and information on the effectiveness of transactions previously made by them, the strategies used, as well as public offers, which indicate the period during which management will be carried out. A novice trader selects the most suitable manager and decides to invest in his strategy, that is, transfers funds under management, in accordance with the rules established in the offer.

A distinctive feature of this trust management scheme is the ability to attract several investors to one account at once. In all cases, the profit and loss received are distributed among all participants according to the size of their investments. At the same time, the manager is directly interested in obtaining the greatest profit, since the more efficiently he trades, the greater profit (the rate for the entire specified period remains fixed) he will be able to bring both to investors and to himself. So, the better his strategies are, the higher his earnings, the higher the manager/PAMM account rating and the more traders will use his services.

Advantages for an Experienced Trader (Manager)

  • with an experienced broker you can attract an unlimited number of investors
  • parties are liable under the offer
  • funds can be increased at any time through new investments
  • potential profit is unlimited
  • investments and profit sharing are fully automated

Advantages for an Experienced Trader (Manager)

The major market on which PAMM accounts are used is Forex, and not every broker provides tools for opening such an account and investing in the work of experienced managers. However, the clients of the European broker Just2Trade have such an opportunity.

You can choose a suitable strategy and invest your money in it or open a professional manager account on our website in just a couple of minutes.

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